get to know me a little better

Hi, I’m Nika

destination wedding photographer

based in canada


I will be your hype girl, dress bustler, bouquet carries, vendor matcher, hair tier, timeline wizard, location expert, emotional support - you name it.

When you look back on your gallery and relive all the heart-filling moments (including ones you didn’t even know were happening), you’ll know these memories are yours to safe keep forevermore.

Having a good time and making my couples fall a little more in love with each other is my absolute top priority. Walking away with killer images is just the cherry on top.

Your no-BS photographer, advocate, and cheerleader, let’s celebrate you.

I’m a self-proclaimed queen of bomb photos, sarcasm enthusiast and dark humour lover.

Whether it’s a wedding or engagement, you can rest easy knowing that I’ll be 100% focused on you, your emotions, and the energy of the room. You deserve someone who is going to respect you and make you feel ridiculously comfortable throughout the day. Capturing all the tear-jerkin’ highlights and the perfectly imperfect in-between moments; so you can simply be present and savour all the magic as it’s happening.

From the minute you inquire to the day you receive your gallery - I’ll have your back 100% of the time.


We’ll never have an awkward moment because I'm never silent behind the camera. English is my second language so watch my English vocabulary escape me when I get excited and start mixing up words. Once I said “brush your fingers through this tree’s nipples” instead of “needles”. But jokes on me, right?! Matching your energy, I’ll be coaxing and cheering you on, getting you into the zone so you can let go of your cameraphobia. Genuine, playful and relaxed, I like this journey for us. Pinky-swear.

some tunes

In between me gasping for air laughing at my own jokes, we’ll make sure the Bluetooth speaker is blasting your favourite music during our session. Panic! at the disco, Beyonce or Baby Shark, I don’t give a f*ck as long you’re letting your hair down and getting hyped up. My mission is to take our newfound friendship from 0 to 100 before you even realize it!


I’m not just here to deliver pretty photos then say “see ya” and disappear in a flash. Establishing a close relationship, I want to know everything about you - what makes you tick, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry...all the things! This isn’t about me, it’s truly about YOU and what you want for YOUR day. Let’s make it happen.

let's dive in together

I have always been extremely passionate about photography and about capturing moments.

It wasn't until last six years ago when I discovered my why.

Six years ago, I met my husband who happened to live on another side of the globe. Short visits, night calls, expiring visas, sleepless nights on the airplanes - what got me through was the photographs and videos that I had of us from the day one. Photos have so much meaning behind them. They tell a story and preserve a story. They are keepsakes that allow us to reminisce and feel the nostalgia of that moment again.

Then almost four years ago I became mom for the first time and I’ve been in a constant race with time ever since, trying to save all the fun days, all the precious memories, the laughs, the first teeth, the peculiar games and the overwhelming joy that my 2 kids have spoiled me with, ever since they came into my life.

That is what I want for you.